Lindy Shock is one of the biggest lindy hop camps in the world. In Hungary – it is the biggest. I have been there twice already and so coming back for the third time in 2017. I just love being amongst another thousand like-minded people on a river Danube. Yes, river Danube!

The main social dancing takes place on the boat called Europa. There are other 3 boats attached so, really, there are 6 rooms to dance on – 4 boats and 2 upper rooms on the main boat. You also get to dance to live bands every single day – 6 days in total. Also, there is pre-party and after-party, not on the boat, obviously.

On Friday, the boat Europa cruises on the river Danube for several hours so you can go on the deck and see people waving at you from the bridges. However, the boat is very stable even when on cruise. You also get a live band performing which adds up to the atmosphere.

Pre-party and after-party takes place on the land, not on a boat. Pre-party is great to get warmed up before the massive party. No live bands, only DJs for pre-party and after-party. However, it’s still great way to open and close the festival.

Through out the festival, you get four days of immense workshops taught by international level instructors who come from US and all over the Europe. There are probably around 50-70 peopple per stream (level) in one room so you don’t get to dance with every opposite role member because there are just too many people. There are usually five different levels, each level is divided to 2 or 3 groups and you always get appointed to the group that has the exactly the same skill as you.

So, if you haven’t been to Lindy Shock before, I suggest you do it this year!

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "meditation"Meditation is an age old custom which was practiced in medieval times by the saints and monks. It was closely related with the religious context and was done as a form of spiritual exercise for training the mind to attain concentration and attention. It promotes relaxation, cultivates love, compassion, endurance, kindness and builds life force. Transcendental Meditation (TM) is a specific type of mantra meditation which involves enchanting sound or mantra which leads to stress reduction and self-development. It is one of the most practiced meditation techniques worldwide.

The origin of Transcendental Meditation

TM originated in the ancient Vedic age of India and from there it was derived by the late Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the founder of Transcendental Meditation program and the Transcendental Meditation movement, and is still used by people. Maharishi taught millions of people worldwide and then developed a teacher training program in order to explain people how to do transcendental meditation step by step guide. Originally, it was recommended to learn the details of TM by a trained teacher but these days, the procedures can be learned at home with the help of online websites, though a teacher’s role can never be neglected.

The proper procedure

TM should be practiced for 15-20 minutes twice daily on an empty stomach. The steps included are-

  1. Foremost, sit in a relaxed position, at a peaceful location favorably.
  2. Then close your eyes and take 2-3 deep slow breaths. Practice being aware of your breaths and allow your body to become relaxed.
  3. Repeat the mantra that you have learned already in your mind. Do not say it loud. Get aware of your body sensations.
  4. While enchanting the mantra in mind, try to feel it. Become conscious of your thoughts.
  5. Continue repeating the mantra for about 20 minutes and feel your emotions and attachment with the universe.

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "Glaucoma"Eyes are one of the most important part of your body because of which you are able to walk, sleep, eat, dance or do any other activity. So, it is necessary that proper care should be taken of them and in case of any issue, it should be treated effectively before it turns into major one. There are a number of major problems that need to get proper attention otherwise it can be very dangerous for your eyes. Glaucoma is one of them and can have a number of disadvantages that can spoil your future.

Different ways to treat it

There are a number of treatments available in clinic these days through which it can be treated within time. Although, its symptoms can be reduced with the help of pills, drops and with other necessary medication but if you want to get effective results then surgery will be the best. Through surgeries you can easily overcome this problem and can learn many unknown benefits through which you can guide someone else. Mavit is one of the places where this treatment is getting quite popular because of the latest techniques that they use. So, if you are planning to get this treatment then you must go for Mavit jaskra operacja that will help in achieving something fruitful.

Conventional surgery for glaucoma

This is most advanced surgery in which new opening is made so that the fluid can go out of your eyes. Conventional surgery is also known as trabeculectomy and before starting operation medicines are given to you so that you can relax.  For this surgery, injections are made around eyes through which a small piece of tissue is taken out in order to make new opening. Once the surgery is completed then you need to put drops for some weeks to fight with inflammation and infection. It is performed only one time in each eye and at each time one eye is treated. It helps in lowering the eye pressure and solves many other problems.

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "digital altitude logo"Today, marketing has become one of the key elements of any online business as it helps in promoting your products and services. There are many ways through which it can be done and is very important for any startup business. These days, more and more people are opting for digital marketing as it is very effective and offers a number of benefits. While, on the other hand, if you are new in the world of online marketing then you can take help of digital altitude. It is a pyramid scheme which teaches you the best and effective ways through which you can easily target any unsuspecting seekers and can convenience them.

Importance of digital altitude

This program is created by famous Michael Force who is a retired Marine belonging to US. It has been specially developed for online entrepreneurs who are ready to do anything so as to take their business to the next level of success. It is highly beneficial for the startup business personnel who want to learn about business and how they can earn a higher rate on investment. This online product offers proper coaching products and also helps you in participating in a number of live events through which you can enhance your knowledge and can learn more about business and marketing.

Important products of digital altitude

This process offers you a number of products through which you can maximize your marketing skills; following are some of the core products which are offered:

Base: This includes all the primary information regarding business setup such as goals, aims, strategies, finances, website, branding and many other things.

Aspire: Under this you will be getting all the training videos, client, live coaching payroll services, back end products, live chat, networking support and other numbers of things for your website.

Apex: It will include 7 day retreat training for two times. In this all the information regarding asset management will be provided to you.

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "mark hurd"If you visit the Oracle site, you will find a copy that is valued at $46 billion. That is a staggering and remarkable value for any company these days and is proof of how successful the company has become. While there are a large number of people who have played a part in helping Oracle reach this value, one particular man has really made a dramatic impact in the vision he has created and the way that he has implemented that vision. That is Oracle CEO Mark Hurd.

In 2010 when Hurd was hired to become the CEO of the company Oracle was a successful organization but truly not one that was the leader or innovator within the technological industry. They were moving along, creating profits, but not one that analysts and insiders look to for innovative solutions for the next decade. That vastly changed under the leadership of Hurd.

Jump ahead seven years and you see now that the company has become one of the leaders in the tech industry; a true giant within this industry. That has come from the innovative ideas that Mark Hurd has implemented. However, it began with the fact that the CEO always had an eye for what the future would look like within the tech industry. At one point, for example, Oracle did very little in offering cloud technology to consumers. Now, they are rapidly becoming the industry leader, helping the organization to reach a point where it is valued at nearly $50 billion.

It comes from the innovative ideas like this as well as others that have helped Oracle to become a giant and to make it one of the most probable companies in the world in one of the most competitive industries. It is truly a testament to his vision and wisdom.

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "website traffic"This era is of technology and now almost everything is done online, no matter whether it is business or sales. To run your business online is not an easy job as for attracting customers, you need to do proper marketing and without appropriate knowledge this is not possible. So, if you want to learn some techniques and tricks of promoting your online business, then you must seek help of expert secrets book by Russell Brunson. This book contains all the important strategies that will help you in increasing traffic on your website, through which your business will be promoted and it will be advantageous for its expansion also.

A route for expansion

Dotcom secret is the first book published by the author and it helped many to enhance their business. Another book in the series is the Expert Secrets and if you wish to know more about it, you can go through the expert secrets book review on its official site. This book will give you a complete guide for internet marketing that will be beneficial for the growth of business. This book has shared all the real tools, methods and strategies that will help in converting your online business into million dollar business. In fact, this book also includes full and excellent training that will help in increasing your knowledge about online business and how you can convert your customers into money.

Free of cost book

You can easily have this book from online book stores and most importantly apart from the shipping charges; you need not to pay anything else as it is free of cost. Although, strategies are the main element of this book but on the other side, along with strategies it also has theory that will make your understanding easier and effective. It also contains many proven scripts and templates which you can efficiently apply on your website without the help of any professional.

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "Dietary Supplements"All dietary supplements should be taken for a short or a long period of time. Alpha GPC capsules are one of those that can be taken as long as you prefer. A great fact is all the benefits you will notice. There are plenty of them and each one has a huge impact on life. But, all of that you can get if you follow the correct dosage! Supplements are carefully balanced and tested according to the dosages. If you take less than needed, all the benefits won’t be available. If you take more, there is a higher risk of side effects.

Ideally, each person should consider the instructions in the package. Just in case you got your supplement from some other source, so instructions are not included, you should know that Alpha GPC capsules should be taken 2 per day. All experts will say that you need 150 mg of powder per capsule. Now, there are packages that offer 150 mg or 300 mg per capsule. There are also those that are 600 mg per capsules. Women and seniors should use 150 or 300 mg capsules. They are sufficient for their metabolism and their bodies. Men between age 20 and 60 should take 600 mg Alpha GPC capsules.

The only supplement that can be used in definitely

Alpha GPC capsules can be used as long as you want because they are the addition of the choline vitamin. This vitamin is normally produced by the body and it is perfectly safe in higher dosages. An interesting fact is that even in extremely high dosages it will be beneficial. Although, the first results are noticed as soon as you take the capsule, the full power of the supplement will be noticed after 24 hours. Taking capsules regularly is mandatory to maintain the full effect.

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "kids"Remember hearing that fish was “brain food”? Well, they were right!

The Essential Fatty Acids (EFA) in fish like cod, halibut, mackerel, herring, trout, sardines, and salmon promote and encourage healthy brain development and function. But many people do not get enough or the correct balance of these important fats in their diets. More importantly, many kids do not either and this is having adverse effects for their brain development and cognition.

Why Omega Fats?

Everyone needs a regular supply of these important Omega fats; young and old. There is increasing evidence that fatty acid deficiencies or imbalances may contribute to childhood neuro-developmental disorders.

Specifically kids with developmental delays or learning differences like attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) or Autism have shown profound improvements with brain and cognitive function after taking fatty acids.

Kids with speech delays such as Apraxia or language challenges have shown considerable improvement in expressive language development and cognition after taking fatty acids as well.

Nordic Naturals is No 1


Fish oil is one of the best and most common ways to take the supplement. Although, be very careful not to purchase cheap or obscure fish oil brands because it can be contaminated with mercury. Stick with a reputable, high quality brand like Nordic Naturals.

Nordic Naturals offer many kid friendly ways to incorporate fish oil into a child’s diet with their amazingly appetizing fruit flavored oils and the little tiny gel caps that many kids just pop into their mouths as is.

Nordic Naturals also invest extensively on fish oil research and information gathering. Check out their excellent website to see a huge body of peer reviewed evidence that shows the science behind the claims about fish oil.

Try to Eat More Foods Rich in Omega Fats

Doctors suggest to get the majority of the daily Omega Fatty Acids from food but fish isn’t the only place to get a good dose. Try sneaking in walnuts, flax and flaxseed oil, canola oil, olive oil, and soybean oil, brain pills which are all excellent sources.

However, getting Essential Fatty Acids from foods may be particularly troublesome for kids who are picky eaters, those suffering from food allergies or on restrictive diets. They may not be getting a wide enough variety of foods and would really benefit from supplementing with Omega fats.

Hemp Milk is a Kid Friendly Way to Get More Essential Fatty Acids

Hemp Milk is a bit of an unsung hero. One 8 oz. glass of hemp milk contains 800 mg of Omega 3 and 2,600 mg of Omega 6. It is also a excellent source of calcium, Vit D, B 12, Phosphorus and Magnesium. With 4 times the protein per serving as Rice Milk, Hemp Milk it is an excellent milk alternative.

Hemp seeds have no known allergen and Hemp Milk simply tastes delicious. It usually comes in 3 flavors: Vanilla, Chocolate and Original; sweetened and unsweetened. The consistency is a bit thicker than the typical soy or rice milk but has a very smooth creamy texture. It is definitely worth a try.

One of the never ending challenges for parents is to make sure kids are eating right most of the time. But, for kids with learning differences or special developmental issues it is even more important to make sure that they are reaping the benefits of a good supply of Omega fats for healthy brain development.

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "seo"Search engine optimization is never done. Whether to get traffic or build links, find out how you can design a simple SEO plan for more online success.

Search engine optimization is an ongoing process. Whether you want your website in the Top 10 spots in Google India, or, you have to plan a never-ending SEO plan for your website.

Having said that, I’d also like to mention that if your website is new, or hasn’t been listed in Google search results as yet, then it’s going to take at least 3 months to see the results of any SEO plan you adopt from now.

Here’s A Sample SEO Plan

Assuming your website is up and running, and there’s nothing wrong with the technical aspects of your website, plan the following to pull up the website in the Top 10 spots in Google (or any other major search engine like Yahoo, or Bing):

  1. Add fresh and unique content to the website through blog posts, pages, etc.
  2. Blog post syndication through article directories for link building.
  3. Increase online presence of your website through Twitter and Facebook Fan Page.
  4. Design better landing pages to increase lead conversion.
  5. Build an advertising campaign (i.e. using Google AdWords) to increase online visibility through paid and free marketing options available.

How Much Time Will It Take To See Desired Results?

Like I mentioned earlier, SEO is an ongoing process. In the first month, there would be at least 40 hours of work to get everything set up as per this SEO plan. After the initial set up, the number of hours will significantly come down to at least 10 hours per week. So for three months of aggressive SEO work, it would take at least 240 hours to achieve desired results, provided your website has not been penalized or previously banned by Google.

After the 3 months period, it’s a matter of simple tasks, no complicated technical skills are required. Your website will require at most 1 hour per day.

Do keep in mind the SEO plan, mentioned above, might change depending on the current status of the website. If additional installations and set-ups are required to start the SEO process, then achieving desired results may take more than 3 months.

And finally, I’d also like to point out that new technologies, and optimization tactics are being discovered and invented almost every hour. Your SEO plan will never be complete if you don’t adapt to the new changes.

So, do dedicate a few minutes every day to check what’s happening in the tech world. Doing this will help you remove any outdated routines from your SEO plan, as well as adapt to more efficient SEO strategies for more online success.

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "seo"How does one keep Search Engine Optimization (SEO) writing tips at the top-of-their-mind when writing online content? Although there are several ways to build SEO into writing projects, planning, planning and more planning is the best way to integrate SEO techniques in all online writing.

Keyword Research

SEO is what separates one site from another in the search engines results challenge. Keyword research is the driving force behind SEO. Keyword research involves finding primary and secondary keywords that are applicable to the topic of the writing. Those words will be used in the title, the first paragraph, headings and subheadings.

If a company or organization uses a predetermined set of standards (fonts, sizes, printing phone numbers and fax numbers, etc.) for writing press releases, brochures or articles, include SEO keyword research as part of the standards. Completing keyword research can easily be incorporated into those standards and will also help make SEO top-of-mind.

Writing with Keywords

Writing using SEO will get more natural and routine the more times it is used. Always start the writing process by asking how customers will find this information.

That is a lot of searching and a lot of competition to make it to the top-of-the-list. If a company wants their web site to be at the top of the results lists, then SEO is the way to go. It is wise to consider to hire someone for link building service as well. Use good, ethical SEO techniques when writing web content and the information stands a better chance of making it the top-of-the-list every time – all the time.

Web Site Performance Reports

Another good way to keep SEO at top-of-mind is to compare results. Many of the web site host companies include site usage reporting as part of the hosting fee. Monitor those reports and watch for the results of SEO written versus non-SEO written content and SEO writing will fast become the first thing that comes to mind when writing any online content.

The Net Pay Off

Online content is the way to go these days to get noticed. Writing and publishing online content is a great way to build trust, consumer confidence and great public relations. Use planning, make SEO part of the company’s writing standards, monitor web site reports, to use SEO effectively and successfully and to keep SEO at top-of-mind.